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Five Elements

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Wood Element (Spring)

You are dynamic and creative. You are strongly self-motivated and focused on reaching your goals in any or all areas of your life: business, relationships, creative projects and personal growth.  You are a dreamer and a visionary. You become lost in the clouds of your own imagination, sometimes becoming frustrated when your dreams do not become reality. The wood element governs the liver and gallbladder, and connective tissues. 

Taste is sour

Colour is green

Symptoms of imbalance include: 









 weakness in tendons and ligaments. 

Fire Element (Summer)

You bright, fast-moving and filled with light. you are loving and generous. You love socialising and wear your heart on your sleeve. Your emotions flicker like sunlight, laughter and tears come easily to you.  Although at times shy and vulnerable, you put on a happy face as your desire is to spread joy. It's all about love; you are the brighter side of life.

 The Fire element governs the heart and circulation.

Taste is bitter

Colour is red or pink

Symptoms include:




Heart Conditions

Circulatory Disorders

High or Low Blood Pressure

Inflammation or Painful Conditions

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Earth Element (Late Summer)

You are warm, compassionate and dependable. You flow with empathy and love nothing more than to help people and causes that capture your heart. You are strong, supportive and hard-working. You often find it easier to give than to receive, which can result in fatigue. You have a strong sense of family and of belonging, loving to feed, nurture and care for those around you.  The Earth element governs the stomach, spleen and muscles. 

Taste is sweet

Colour is yellow

Symptoms include:

Eating Disorders

Digestive Complaints



Muscular Problems

Varicose Veins/Aching Legs

Metal Element (Autumn)

You are still and poised. Your emotional world is profound, but outwardly you appear contained, choosing not to display this side of yourself. For you, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. You dislike chaos and disorder. You are an idealist, self-reliant but a strong support for those for whom you hold responsibility. Although you are refined and can appear remote, you may take people by surprise people with your rock 'n' roll edge. The Metal element governs the lungs, large intestine and the skin. 

Taste is pungent

Colour is white

Symptoms include:



Bronchitis (and other breathing conditions)





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The Water Element (Winter)

You are changeable, mysterious, magical-the depths of the still lake, the bubbling mountain spring. Although you may be timid and reclusive, you may also have the capacity to be gushing, outward-looking and gregarious. You can be extremely hardworking and deeply supportive, keeping going long after others have given up. The Water element governs the kidneys, bladder, bones and nervous system. 

Taste is salty

Colour is blue or black

Symptoms include:

Nervous Disorders






Illnesses of the bladder and kidneys