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Introduction to Five Elements

Five Element acupuncture works on the premise that there are five elements which, although they have their own particular paths and tasks, all work together in beautiful and harmonious relationship for the miraculous creation of life.

Each element has its own corresponding time of day and reveals a way of relating to personal health, growth and well-being. Chinese philosophy saw each year as having five distinct seasons. In addition to Sring, Summer Autumn and Winter, they recognised Late Summer or Harvest as a separate season. 

Thus we have Five Seasons, each with a presiding element

 Winter is the water element,

 Spring is the wood element,

 Summer is the fire element

 Late Summer (or Harvest) is the earth element

  Autumn is the metal element. 

These each represent a flow of Qi. Qi is the animating life force which moves like a breath through all living things, including our own bodies, thoughts and emotions.

The Meridians

Acupuncture works by moving Qi (life energy) through a network of channels around the body known as meridians. Acupuncture points are sited along the meridians and fine needles are used to change or redirect Qi.  There are 12 major meridians, each one relating to an  organ or process, and to the five elements. Ill health or imbalances are caused by disturbances in the flows of Qi.

 When Qi is flowing  in a harmonious balance through all meridians, good health and well-being are experienced on all levels.

The Five Elements​

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